Dallas County Public Lake fishing

A fisherman at Dallas County Public Lake.

Dallas County Public Lake will host a bass tournament Saturday Feb. 27, according to lake Manager Anthony Fail. 

Fail, better known as Mercy Man, said the tournament will feature a five-fish weigh-in, with prizes for most weight and biggest fish. The tournament will start at daylight, and weigh-in is at noon. Boats are welcome, and anyone who is old enough to get a Dallas County Public Lake permit – that’s anyone 12 years old and older – can compete. Anyone 16 and older must have a valid Alabama Fishing License, which can be purchased at the lake headquarters.

Mercy Man said the lake is well stocked with a variety of fish, including bass, crappie, shell crappie, blue gill, catfish and striped bass. “They are biting,” Fail said. 

Fail said the headquarters has bait and supplies. “We got all your bait; we got minnows, crickets. We even have worms,” Mercy Man said.  “We have all kinds of snacks. We got potted meat, beanie weenies and all kinds of cakes. And if you want some of the best ribs in Dallas County, we grill ribs and leg quarters.” 

Mercy Man said they have been clearing existing fishing spots around the lake, and they are clearing more. Most of these areas around the lake have picnic tables to give anglers and their families nice private areas to spend an afternoon fishing. Mercy Man said work to repair the dam and the road on top of the dam will be completed by this weekend, and the new road will be “as smooth as the highway.”

Mercy Man said he has seen more boats than in the past, which he is glad to see. He thanked outdoor guru and podcaster James “Big Daddy” Lawler for making people realize boats are welcome at the Dallas County Lake.

Dallas County Lake is part of the public lake system maintained by the state Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. The public lakes are well maintained, and the fish from these lakes are safe for human consumption. 

Everything happening at the Dallas County Lake is on their Facebook page 

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