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RAINBOW CITY, Ala., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The ability of elected leaders to adapt their government services for remote citizens has now led to the creation of the nation's first cyber-space city hall. City services soon available from a cyber-city hall will now include electronic city forms that are pushed to citizen phones to fill out registrations remotely, the distribution of web-based message boards to citizen phones when 911 networks fail, and the texting of court reminders to citizen smart phones to help citizens avoid financial penalties due to missing court due to a lack of awareness. Alerting citizen phones with updated information can also include the distribution of detailed plans for helping cities coordinate emergency response when a tornado or weather event has occurred. Town water alerts might soon be something mayors might coordinate toward citizen phones if water resources are in any danger or unavailable. Protecting citizens through new alerting mechanisms is a true advantage in protecting city businesses, government, and citizens. Citizens can now get information pushed to them more quickly without any geographic barriers and without visiting the city hall location.