Weed and Seed program; US Attorney Richard Moore to retire

US Attorney Richard Moore announced his retirement while flanked by law enforcement leaders heading up Selma's Weed and Seed efforts, including Executive Director Maggie Drake-Peterson, Selma-based prosecutor Andy Arrington, interim US Attorney Donna Dobbins, District Attorney Michael Jackson, Dallas County Sheriff Mike Granthum and Selma Police Chief Kenta Fulford.

U.S. Attorney Richard Moore made a stop in Selma on Wednesday to announce he is retiring but leaving the Weed and Seed committee that has been cleaning up crime in Dallas County for the last three years in good hands.

Moore is stepping down as US Attorney out of Mobile after 35 years and named as interim Donna Dobbins, who is a veteran prosecutor, including at the Federal Courthouse in Selma.

The announcement, made at the Selma Federal Courthouse, included updates on the Weed and Seed committee's progress from its executive director, Maggie Drake-Peterson, and Dallas County Sheriff Mike Granthum, Selma Police Chief Kenta Fulford and District Attorney Michael Jackson.

The US Attorney's Office is opening an office in Selma at the Federal Courthouse building, where renovations are underway. Moore named Andy Arrington, a Selma resident and veteran prosecutor, to head up the Selma office. For years, Selma law enforcement agencies have had to take defendants to Mobile for trial and now those cases will be tried in Selma.

Granthum says that will keep the local officers on the streets patrolling instead of traveling to Mobile for court cases.

Moore brought the Weed and Seed program to Selma in 2017 with a $1 million grant to pay for equipment and technology upgrades as well as added manpower.

View the press conference via live video here.

Read more about Weed and Seed in a Selma Sun exclusive here.

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