Selma Sun joins national Share Gratitude 2020 initiative

In the grip of the severe direct and indirect impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has likely been the most difficult year ever experienced by people in Selma-Dallas County and across America. To ignite a more positive spirit of thankfulness, the Selma Sun is excited to announce its participation in Share Gratitude 2020. The inspiring holiday campaign, created by America’s Newspapers, a national newspaper trade association, and Sachs Media, a leading Florida-based communications firm, that will run through January 2021. 

Share Gratitude 2020 encourages people of every demographic across the country to look into their hearts and share what they’re grateful for – health, family, friends, pets or anything else. 

 “The Dallas County community has been under a lot of stress during this pandemic and could use a campaign like Share Gratitude 2020 to lift their spirits,” said Cindy Fisher, publisher of the Selma Sun. “This Share Gratitude 2020 campaign can make an important difference in the lives of people across our community, and we’re pleased to be a part of it.” 

Join the Gratitude Movement 

  1. How to Share: 

○    Click "Share My Gratitude" – write about what you’re grateful for and decide if you want to share a photo or video.

  • To share an image, upload it using the "Upload Now" button.
  • To share a video, share the link to the video in the field provided.

○    Click “Submit!”

  1. Once your gratitude submission is uploaded, tell your friends and family via social media. Tag three people and include #ShareGratitude2020 to spread the word!

“Despite the profound and prolonged hardships of this toughest time from the virus, each of us can still readily identify and embrace those many meaningful blessings that are the center of our lives,” said Ron Sachs, Founder/CEO of Sachs Media, which conceived and created the campaign. “While our pre-pandemic lifestyles and quality of life have been radically altered, we want to prompt people to tap into  the many things that still positively define their days and share gratitude in a way that fuels a valuable, virtual, viral campaign.”

Select submissions will be shared via the Selma Sun’s Facebook page and in our printed papers. The public is invited to visit to watch and share inspiring gratitude submissions from others across the country. With the support of America’s Newspapers’ strong network of publications, local newspapers in cities throughout the United States can inspire their neighbors by sharing their submissions online and in their community papers. 

About the Selma Sun

The Selma Sun was founded in 2015 to shine a light on Selma-Dallas County with positive community news and information about important community topics. The Selma Sun is owned by Kingfisher Media LLC, a multimedia firm that provides public relations, marketing and digital services as well as publishing newspapers. Learn more at

About America’s Newspapers

On behalf of its approximately 1,500 newspaper and associate member companies, America’s Newspapers is committed to explaining, defending and advancing the vital role of newspapers in democracy and civil life. We put an emphasis on educating the public on all the ways newspapers contribute to building a community identity and the success of local businesses. Learn more:

About Sachs Media 

Now in its 25th year, Sachs Media is the go-to strategic communications partner for mid-size to large corporate, nonprofit and government organizations with high-stakes challenges. Based in Florida with national reach, it has perfected the art and science of promoting issues, brands and services. Sachs Media believes in insight-informed strategy — doing the right things to reach the right audiences and achieve the right outcomes, measuring success the way its clients do. With headquarters in Tallahassee and offices in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Washington, D.C., the award-winning team has the experience, specialized skills and bandwidth to treat each client’s high-stakes issue as a top priority.


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