Air purifier

An Air & Surface Pro+ air purification unit from GoRescue Brands. 

Selma City Schools has partnered with GoRescue Brands to install 500 Air and Surface Pro+ air purification units to make schools safer against the COVID-19 virus as in person learning resumes. 

"Partnering with GoRescue provides us with an extra layer of protection as we welcome our scholars and teachers back into the buildings.” said SCS Superintendent Avis Williams.

“Providing a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment is our mission. The safety and health of our scholars and Team members remain our top priority.

The units were acquired using funds from the CARES Act. According to a press release, they have proven affective against the virus in the air and on surfaces using ActivePure technology. 

"Our team at GoRescue is excited to partner with Dr. Williams and Selma City Schools to help safely bring students and teachers back into the classrooms by prioritizing the health and safety of everyone," said GoRescue CEO Brady McLaughlin. 

The units will be installed in classrooms, gymnasiums, learning labs, cafeterias, common areas, and lobbies in SCS buildings and will run 24/7 in an effort to maximize protection, the press release said.

“The top priority of the SCS Operations Department is to provide the safest and most conducive environment for teaching and learning.” stated SCS Director of Operations Joe Peterson.

”As a former principal, I’ve always been concerned about the air quality in our learning spaces. With GoRescue, I am reassured that the air quality of each space is safer. I would like to thank Brady, Alison, and the entire GoRescue team for making the installation of our Vollara Air & Surface Pro Air Purification system a seamless process.”

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