Selma High School

Selma High School.

Selma High School will return to virtual learning on Monday, less than a week after reopening so administrators can go over safety measures after a shooting in the cafeteria on Thursday.

A gun went off in the high school cafeteria during an altercation between two students on Thursday. No one was injured and the suspected students involved were arrested soon after the incident, Selma City Schools Superintendent Avis Williams said in a statement.

"Safety is the top concern at Selma High School and all of learning spaces.  I want to thank Principal (Stoney) Pritchett for his courageous leadership on Thursday as a student shot a gun in the lunchroom of our high school," Williams said. "We are working collaboratively with the Selma Police Department and the mayor's office to ensure that we address safety within our schools and the community."

After a year of virtual learning due to COVID, Selma students returned to in-person learning on Wednesday, just one day before the shooting. Williams said the high school will go back to virtual learning to give administrators an opportunity to "thoroughly assess what occurred on Thursday and to put measures in place to support our staff, scholars, and families.  We will also work to prevent this from happening again."
To that end, Williams announced the following will take place:
  • A joint meeting will be held Monday morning with Selma City Schools, the Selma Police Department, mayor's office, Judge Nunn, Judge Bob Armstrong and other city and county leaders. We will assess the events that occurred on Thursday and plan a press conference for one day next week.
  • Counseling will be made available beginning Monday morning for any staff or scholars who need support.
  • Professional development is being planned for school district leaders for threat assessment, youth mental health, self-care and wellness.
  • A safety audit will be scheduled to determine safety upgrades and improvements needed for each school and office in the district.
  • Work closely and meet with parents and families of Selma High School to address their safety concerns and provide resources.
Williams said they are also considerations setting up an anonymous hotline, gang prevention and intervention, hiring a social worker and a review and update of our crisis management plan. 
"More details will be shared as we work together with our community to ensure the health and safety of all stakeholders," she said.

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