Nspire Change home buyers seminar

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A Home Buyer Seminar is scheduled for Sept. 18 at Arsenal Place to encourage more homeownership and revitalization of neighborhoods. 

The event will be held from 2-4 p.m. and includes refreshments.

It is hosted by the NSPIRE CHANGE nonprofit that empowers individuals and communities to be the best version of themselves by educating on credit repair, Realtors and mortgages.

Nspire Change is a non profit group that seeks to aid, counsel and help those underserved in their communities. By assisting in redeveloping and renovating communities we want to empower people to be better prepared for financial, spiritual, and emotional growth. In order to change the world, we will be the change.
NSPIRE Change empowers individuals and communities to be the best version of themselves by educating on Credit Repair, Realtors, Mortgage and breathing new life into the community. 
"As we move forward, we will provide educational seminars and classes to assist with the steps of becoming a proud homeowner.  Partnership development with assisting in credit repair and maintaining a good credit score will be a good first step.  Lenders who work with the community in gaining home ownership.  Investors who are committed to reviving and restoring communities that are impoverished; and where families work hard and deserve a well constructed home in safe established areas. NSPIRE CHANGE will be the leader in these communities.  Working with city, county and federal agencies, as well with local businesses to enrich growth for homeownership will build upon the needs that exist. Empowering through educating and hands on help is the future for many areas.  We are reaching out to pull up and make life better for families in need."  

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