McCall family

The MCall family is pictured before the deaths of Chantale and Lance McCall. This image is from a Gofundme page set up to support the children. 

The orphans of a Selma couple that died of the COVID-19 virus has received assistance from Fletcher Fund for Equality and Education, an Atlanta nonprofit that helps students in underserved communities. 

Last year Chantale and Lance McCall both passed away from the virus, leaving their children orphaned and in their care of their aunt, Francesca McCall, who has children of her own. 

Their story has helped to raise $373,000 as of this date. 

The family recently received additional support from the Fletcher Fund, which donated full-ride scholarships to the three oldest children and new furniture to Francesca McCall. 

Co-founder Christian Fletcher said that he was moved by the story of the family and that he had lost his father when he was young. His co-founder is Amber Fletcher. 

“When I read it, I thought, ‘This could be my children… or anyone I know and love,’" he said in a press release. 

Fletcher has pledged his support for the family beyond the recent donations made to them. 

“When the news cameras leave and everyone else moves on with their lives, they’ll need support beyond the financial,” he said. “If it’s anything like what I went through when I lost my father, this is their reality for years to come."

"We would like them to continue to contact us even beyond the scholarship period, whether it’s for material support or just a word of advice or encouragement. We’ll be there.”

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