Nursing salary map

This map from shows the salaries of nurses throughout the nation. Image submitted. 

A study by ranked Alabama #43 out of 51 in a list of states and districts in how much nurses are paid. 

According to the study, nurses in Alabama make an average salary of $60,230 or $28.96 an hour. While this may seem like quite a bit, it is still lower paying than in other states and living expenses don't always match income, the study says.

The study also states that this is 34.1% more than the average salary of all other occupations in the state and that have to work 27.9 hours to afford a month’s rent. 

More than 2.9 million nurses are employed in the nation and are paid an average salary of $77,460. 

Hawaii ranks #1 in the list with an average of $104,060 per year. Nurses in this state work 33 hours to afford median rent. 

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