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Notice of Petition for Summary Distribution

In the matter of the Estate of Clinton Troy Blake, deceased, notice is hereby given that a petition for Summary Distribution of said Estate was filed with the Dallas County Probate Court on July 28, 2020. Thirty (30) days after the publication hereof and pursuant to law; the Court shall enter an order directing summary distribution of the Estate of the decedent by Probate Judge of Dallas County, Honorable Jimmy L. Nunn.

Timothy Martin Petitioner


Chestnut, Sanders, Sanders, LLC

1 Union St.

P.O. Box 1290 Selma, Al 36702

Selma Sun

August 20, 27 and September 3, 2020



The Selma Housing Authority, Alabama will receive bids for the Renovations to the Administration Office and Site offices, Cares Act Funding, until 2:00 p.m., (Central Time) on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, at the central office of the Authority, 444 Washington Street, Selma, Alabama 36703 at which time and place all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

The project consists of furnishing all plant, labor, materials, equipment and all services and performing and coordinating all operations for the Renovations to the Administration Office and Site Offices. The Work of the base bid shall include, but is not necessarily limited to concrete, wood framing, sheathing, decking, preformed wood trusses, composite shingles, carpentry, drywall, trim, doors, metal doors and frames, hardware, windows, glass and glazing, storefront, CMU masonry, brick masonry, VCT, ceramic tile, paint, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and work incidental thereunto. Attention and reference is directed to the General Notes of the drawings.

Contract documents, including drawings and technical specifications, are on file at the office of The Selma Housing Authority, 444 Washington Street, Selma, Alabama 36703, and The Architectural Office of William J. Peek, 908 S. Hull St., Suite 210, Montgomery, Alabama 36104.

Copies of contract documents may be obtained contacting The Architectural Office of William J. Peek for each set of documents so obtained.

Plans and specifications will be issued only to qualified contractors licensed by the State Licensing Board of General Contractors of Alabama as required by Title 34, Chapter 8, Code of Alabama, 1975 as amended. Only bids of such contractors who are duly licensed will be considered. Current license number must be displayed on the sealed envelope in which the bid is delivered or the bid WILL NOT be accepted.

Bidders are requested to inspect the property and the buildings themselves, as well as operations and conditions that may be affected.

Attention is called to the fact that not less than the minimum salaries and wages as set forth in the contract documents must be paid on this project, and that the contractor must ensure that employees and applicants for employment are not discriminated against because of their race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Contractors are reminded that in accordance with State Law, Alabama General Contractor’s licensing number shall be displayed on the sealed envelope in which the bid is delivered or the bid will not be accepted.

Each bid must include the Representations, Certifications, and Other Statements of Bidders, 1992 Edition, Non-Collusive Affidavit and the Previous Participation Certificate signed by the bidder and on the correct HUD forms.

The Selma Housing Authority reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive any informality in the bidding.

Bids may be held by The Selma Housing Authority for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days from the date of opening of bids for the purpose of reviewing them and investigating the qualifications of the bidders, prior to awarding the contract.

The Selma Housing Authority

Kennard Randolph

Executive Director

Selma Sun

September 3, 2020





Pursuant to §21-4-23(b), of the Code of Alabama (1975), notice is hereby given of the following with regard to Dallas County, Alabama:

The following registration and voting aids for handicapped and elderly individuals will be available in the upcoming state elections:

( l) Instructions, printed in large type, conspicuously displayed at each voter registration site and polling place , sufficient to provide hearing impaired and seriously visually  impaired  individuals with adequate information as to how and where they may register and vote.

  • Paper ballots, available at each polling place, for the use of voters who would otherwise be prevented from voting because of their inability to operate a voting
  • Absentee ballots, available to any handicapped or elderly individual who, because of handicap or age, is unable to go to the polling facility in a state elec The deadlines for requesting and submitting an absentee ballot under this subsection shall not be earlier than the latest deadlines prescribed by law for other persons voting by absentee ballot.
  • The opportunity for any handicapped or elderly individual who, because of handicap or age, requires assistance in casting a vote, to select a person of his or her choice to accompany such individual into the polling place to assist in the casting of the

The 2020 General Election is set for November 3, 2020.

Jimmy L. Nunn Judge of Probate

Selma Sun

September 3, 2020


Default having been made in the payment of the indebtedness secured by that certain Mortgage executed by Robert E.Redd on the 26th day of November, 2008 to First Cahawba Bank recorded in the Probate Office of Dallas County, Alabama, inRLPY Book 1413 at page 63, et. Seq., First Cahawba Bank, as Mortgagee, by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, will sell at public outcry, for cash, to the highest bidder, in front of the main entrance of the Courthouse at Selma,Dallas County, Alabama during the legal hours of sale on Thursday, September 24, 2020 all of its right, title and interest in and to the following described real estate situate, lying and being in Selma, Alabama, to-wit:

Lot 6, of Block B, of Cardinal Hills Subdivision according the map of said subdivision, recorded in the Probate Office of Dallas County, Alabama in Map Book 5, at Page 36.

This property will be sold on an “as is, where is” basis, subject to any easements, encumbrances, and exceptions reflected in the mortgage and those contained in the records of the office of the judge of probate of the county where the above-described property is situated. This property will be sold without warranty or recourse, expressed, or implied as to title, use and/or enjoyment and will be sold subject to the right of redemption of all parties thereto.

Alabama law gives some persons who have an interest in property the right to redeem theproperty under certain circumstances. Programs may also exist that help persons avoid or delay the foreclosure process. An attorney should be consulted to help you understand these rights and programs as a part of the foreclosure process.

This sale is made for the purpose of paying the indebtedness secured by said mortgage, as well as the expenses of foreclosure.

The Mortgagee reserves the right to bid for and purchase the real estate and to credit its purchase price against the expenses of sale and the indebtedness secured by the real estate.

DATED this the 24th day of August, 2020.

First Cahawba Bank Mortgagee

BY: Hobbs & Hain, P.C. Attorneys for the Mortgagee

P.O. Drawer 1190

Selma, Alabama 36702-1190

(334) 874-6683

Selma Sun

September 3, 10, and 17, 2020

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