Hindsight for 2020

The year 2020 will forever be remembered as the year of the COVID-19 pandemic that has killed and sickened thousands, taxed the health care system, closed schools and challenged businesses in Dallas County and around the world.

For Dallas County, 2020 will also be known for a surprise hurricane in late October and an election that brought new leaders in the city of Selma and Dallas County.

The Selma Sun has been there through it all, covering what the community needs to know to get through 2020.

As we bid farewell to 2020, the Selma Sun is compiling the top stories in Dallas County in this 2020 Wrap-Up edition.

Besides COVID, the election and a hurricane, we covered new restaurants opening, downtown movements, plans for lighting the iconic Edmund Pettus Bridge, growth at Vaughan Regional Medical Center and the grand opening of the Edmundite Missions’ $3.2 million Bullock Center.

Despite the challenges of 2020, it has been a year of growth for the Selma Sun. We moved to a new office on Broad Street and added 10 more news racks around Dallas County. We unveiled a new website, SelmaSun.com, that includes access to a digital edition and a free e-newsletter. We also increased our presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We finished our second year offering affordable legal notices to the government, lawyers, engineers and more in Dallas County and produced our first Graduation and Outdoors editions that we plan to make an annual tradition. And we are adding four Healthcare sections in 2021.

We are always open to grow, so if you want to write for us or sell advertising, let us know by emailing news@selmasun.com.

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After New Year’s, the Selma Sun will introduce you to the top stories to watch in 2021 in the Jan. 7 edition, so stay tuned!

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