UAB doctor gets COVID vaccine

Dr. Ronald Tisdale, a UAB resident hospitalist was one of the first to get the COVID vaccine. 

The first wave of COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in Selma, but for now it’s only available to health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities. 

Vaughan Regional Medical Center began giving vaccine to its employees on Monday, according to hospital Administrator David McCormack. MainStreet Family Care and Kids Street Urgent Care also have the vaccine.     

“We are in PHASE 1a of the vaccine distribution,” MainStreet said in a statement on its website. “That is to say, you can get a COVID-19 vaccination at MainStreet and KidsStreet if you are 18 or older” and work in a healthcare setting and have direct contact with patients, if you work in a setting where you are directly exposed to COVID-19 pathogen, or if you work or live in a long-term care setting. 

The vaccine is limited to those who come in direct contact with patients in the context of healthcare delivery, according to MainStreet. Examples include physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, EMS personnel, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, dentists, and providers of in-home care. 

Folks who live or work in nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities or assisted living facilities can get the vaccine now. So can pathologists and lab technicians who handle samples, morticians, those who transport samples or who do clean up or maintenance at a facility that handle COVID-19 samples, according to MainStreet. 

Family members of individuals eligible to receive the vaccine are not eligible to receive the vaccine at this time unless they meet one of the criteria. 

MainStreet and KidsStreet currently offer the ­­­­­­Moderna COVID-19 vaccination. This COVID-19 vaccination requires two doses, so recipients will have to return to the clinic at a later date to receive a second dose, according to the website.

According to MainStreet, the government pays for the vaccination itself, but a bill for administering the vaccine and related supplies will be sent to your insurance company. If you are uninsured, you may qualify for the uninsured insurance program and that program covers all costs.

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