Edgewood Elementary

Image from Edgewood Elementary School's Facebook. 

Edgewood Elementary is one of 34 new classrooms in Alabama to be funded by the Pre-K through 3rd Grade Integrated Approach to Early Learning program, said an announcement by Governor Kay Ivey. 

The program is also called a P-3 and includes a total of 208 classrooms in 21 counties in Alabama. 

“Today’s announcement is part of an intentional effort to give Alabama’s children a strong start towards a successful educational career,” she said. “P-3 works to align the gains in First Class Pre-K to ensure students do not have a gap in instruction."

"I am proud that we can provide more tools for teachers and school leaders to continue providing students with the best models for learning in the critical early years.”

The Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education (ADECE) and the Alabama State Department of Education oversees the P-3 program, which is now in its fifth year. 

The program is funded by the ADECE through Ivey's Strong Start, Strong Finish education initiative, as well as the federal Preschool Development Grant, Birth through Five.

The recent addition of 34 classrooms brings the number of students in the program to more than 3,600. It also allows administrators the chance to participate in the National Association of Elementary School Principals Pre-K – 3rd Grade Leadership Academy. 

“As we work to align the birth through 8-year-old early learning continuum, P-3 provides successful transition of Pre-K children and families into their school settings,” said ADECE Secretary Barbara Cooper.

“Data shows that First Class Pre-K students are more likely to be proficient in reading and math and less likely to have disciplinary issues or be retained in a grade.”

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