Contractors pick up hurricane debris on Dallas Avenue

Contractors pick up hurricane debris on Dallas Avenue last week.

The Selma City Council is working on cleaning up from Hurricane Zeta. 

At its work session on Jan. 7 via Zoom, the council discussed issues related to cleaning up debris from the Oct. 29 hurricane that swept through Dallas County. The council earlier approved a $1.1 million contract to hire DRC Emergency Services to handle debris pick up. The firm was given 60 days to make three passes to pick up debris; one pass has been completed.

“Prior to the end of the year, I was very disturbed to point of upset about what I perceived as poor performance,” Mayor James Perkins Jr. said. “I made that clear to the engineers, I made it clear to the contractors that I needed to see some improved performance. And I have seen some improved performance.”

Perkins said that all parties have agreed that when the contractors go down a street, they will pick up all debris piles except for large stumps. Buddy Furzell, who was on the line representing DRC, said they will have to bring in front-end loaders and large trucks to lift and carry out large stumps at the end of the project. “We can’t pick [large stumps] up with our grapples” on their trucks, Furzell said. 

In addition to stumps, the debris pick-up process is being hindered by residents who are tossing household garbage in with the debris piles. Household garbage must be taken to the landfill and cannot be burned, so debris piles mingled with garbage are being passed over. 

“If there is a garbage pile, then reach out to public works,” Perkins said. “We must remind all our members and citizens. We still haven’t hired all the people. We do not have a new budget to hire all the people. To expect this to work flawlessly is unrealistic and unfair. We are working as hard and fast as we can.” 

The city has placed five dumpsters in Selma for household trash:

1) First Avenue and Marie Foster. On the corner next to First Ave Cleaners.

2) LL Anderson and Church Street. 

3) Bloch Park across from baseball field.

4) Old Dunn Nursing Home Area. 

5) Cedar Park in the lot by baseball field and track. Close to the road behind fence by the scoreboard.

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