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The Alabama Department of Labor (ADOL) has reported that unemployment is down to 3.6%, which is a record post-pandemic number. 

“The number of people unemployed is the lowest we’ve seen so far in 2021," said ADOL Secretary Fitzgerald Washington. "There are more open jobs than there are unemployed people. When it comes to businesses adding jobs, our over-the-year job growth is the highest it’s been in over 21 years.” 

The number is down from 3.8% reported in March and from 13.2% in April 2020. April 2021's numbers represent 79,332 unemployed persons compared to 84,716 in March and April 2020's 288,253. 

Wage has seen an increase, said the report by ADOL. Wage and salary employment increased 170,900, representing a growth of 9.3%, which ADOL's report said is the highest since 2000. 

Gains were seen in leisure and hospitality sector with more than 57,500, the manufacturing sector at 33,300, and the trade, transportation, and utilities sector at 27,700. 

In April 2021, total private average weekly earnings grew to $968.19. 

Counties with the highest unemployment were Wilcox County at 8.8%, Lowndes County at 8.1%, and Perry County at 6.8%. Although they remain among the highest, these numbers are down from previous reports. Dallas County was not listed. 

Selma is still listed among the highest cities in unemployment but is now at 7.3%, down from 9.4%. 

“Alabama continues to see a decline in unemployment, as vaccines roll out and businesses expand hiring,” said Governor Kay Ivey. “Yet again, we’ve reached a new post-pandemic low unemployment rate as we edge closer and closer to our previous pre-pandemic record low. Alabama is open for business and we’re ready to get everyone back to work!”

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