SAG winners

Artists who won awards for their work at the Selma Art Guild’s (SAG) Summer Show reception are, from front left first step, Sarita Gish, Tristin Gish and Libby Christensen; second step, Gena Clements, Jacquelyn Armstrong and Cam Walker Guarino; third step, Shirley Quarles Baird and Edward Brummel Jr.; and fourth step, Judie Hooks and Kay Brummel. Not pictured is Jennifer Levins.

The Selma Art Guild (SAG) held its Summer Show reception and recognized prize-winning artists Sunday, June 6 from 2-4 p.m. at the SAG Gallery located at 508 Selma Ave. and awarded prize checks.

The art show will hang at the gallery through July 31. And admission to the gallery, which is opened on Fridays and Saturday from 12-4 p.m., is free.

Awards for the Summer Show were $500 for Best of Show overall, $200 for first place, $100 for second place and $50 for third place in each category.

Best of Show went to Tristin Gish for his 3-D sculpture “Pumpkin Piston.”

Gish said his work is metal art made from truck parts, which he calls “piston people.” He said his Best of Show entry was from a camshaft, piston and sprocket out of a 379 Peterbilt 18-wheeler and took about 500 hours to complete.

He said he has been a pipe welder and maintenance technician and has been welding for about 25 years. He said he just got bored and decided to make some piston people about eight years ago, and “it just took off.”

Gish also took a first-place prize for his 3D sculpture “Punk Piston” which was made from the piston out of a 350 short block.

Also recognized were Opaque: First, Jacqueline Armstrong for Tiger Walk Tubas; Second, Judie Hooks for Tranquility; and Third, Cam Walker Guarino for Prismatic.

Watercolor: First, Shirley Quarles Baird for Tuscan Nights; Second and Third, Gena Clements for Open View and Made in the USA.

Dry (works on paper), First, Jennifer Levins for Red Trolley Ride; Second and Third, Edward Brummell for Water Escape and Have a Seat...

Photo, First and Third, Kay Brummell for Intersection and Poppy Family; and Second, Jennifer Levins for Have Faith.

Three Dimension, First, Tristin Gish for Punk Piston; Second Libby Christensen for Building the Wall; and Third Sarita Gish for Ceramic Bowl.

Selma Art Guild Member and Acting President Cam Walker Guarino said, “We were pleased with the Summer Show turnout despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and there was a wonderful variety of art.”

Gena Clements, who serves as SAG treasurer, also noted the variety of styles and techniques that were on display in the art.

The Selma Art Guild was started in the 1970s by local artists to promote art and opportunities for art.

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